It remains a key vehicle for General Motors in a highly competitive segment. The Equinox posted US sales of 212,072 in 2022, ranking as Chevy’s second-best-selling vehicle behind the Silverado full-size pickup and GM’s third-top-selling model behind the Silverado and GMC Sierra pickup. The Equinox was third in its segment last year behind the Toyota RAV4 and Honda CR-V, according to the Automotive News Research & Data Center.

Sam Fiorani, vice president of global vehicle forecasting at AutoForecast Solutions, told Automotive News in an email that the gasoline-powered Equinox should go into production in April 2024.

“With the intense competition in this segment, the Equinox needs this revision to remain relevant,” Fiorani said.

“The announced goal of the EV version is a starting price of around $30,000, which is quite close to the base price of today’s gas-powered model,” he added. “Compared to the Equinox EV, the ’25 Equinox will be taller with more cargo area.”