Investing in a New Windshield Offers Clear Visibility

Making sure that you can see clearly when behind the wheels of a vehicle is essential to keep yourself and your passengers safe. A new windshield installation can be a practical way to ensure the best visibility and to reduce the risk of accidents for yourself, your family, and friends when driving in Tampa, FL.

Why Clear Visibility Matters

Poor visibility is responsible for thousands of automobile accidents each year. While cracked or distorted windshields are not to blame for all these accidents, the lack of visibility caused by damage to your windshield can put you and your passengers at a higher risk of an accident. Failing to see other vehicles or road hazards could result in serious injuries to you and those you love. A replacement windshield installation can make it easier to see upcoming hazards and avoid them effectively.

Florida Law Makes Windshield Repair and Replacement More Affordable

Florida Statute 627.7288 requires insurance companies to waive the deductible for windshield repairs and replacements for drivers with comprehensive coverage on their vehicles. This statute can make professional auto-glass services much more affordable for drivers in our state.

Windshield Repair vs. New Windshield Installation

For minor cracks and chips that are positioned outside the driver’s normal field of vision, windshield repair can often be a practical and cost-effective solution. For larger cracks and damage in the field of driver vision, however, a new windshield installation by a company that specializes in professional auto-glass services can help you to achieve clearer visibility and to improve your safety on Florida streets and highways.

At Mr. Auto Glass, we specialize in providing the best auto glass services in the state of Florida. We work with you to determine the best way to address cracks and damage to your windshield. If you need a new windshield installation or any of our other professional auto-glass services, give our team a call today to schedule an appointment with us. We are here to help you drive safely now and for a brighter future.