Emily Vukovic pulled out all the stops this morning at Kenny U-Pull.

Kenny U-Pull is an automotive recycler, where you can go to self-serve car parts. You pay a gate fee of $4 and take what you want from cars in the yard whether it be an engine, alternator, suspension pieces, mirrors, doors, a hatch, hinges, etc. You must bring your own tools as they don’t have any available, but you are prohibited from bringing grinders, torches or jacks.

They also use tires for sale that they check to ensure there is still enough tread and have a variety of sizes so you are most likely to find tires to fit your car, SUV or truck.

Compared to going to a dealership or other car service place, these parts are cheap. So if you know how to fix your own car, this place will benefit you.

And if you are not comfortable taking off your own pieces of a car, they do have parts inside you can purchase.

Kenny U-Pull also gives back to the community through the merchandise. If you purchase a piece of clothing from their store, proceeds to support the Breakfast Club of Canada, which feeds children in underprivileged areas.

Kenny U-Pull have plenty of shops around Ontario, including Hamilton.