Tips To Consider Before Purchasing a Tesla

Tesla offers an incredibly reliable and safe line of vehicles that have grown in popularity. Here are a few tips to consider before buying a Tesla.

Understanding Tesla Features

Depending on your Tesla model, you can include a few additional features in your vehicle. For instance, a Full-Driving Capability option allows drivers to sit back and let the car take over. The Tesla can automatically change lanes, parallel parks, and more.

Furthermore, you can also purchase a premium upgrade package that includes custom audio systems, air filtration systems, satellite radio, heated seats, wiper blades, carbon purification filters, and more. Consider what you want to include in your Tesla and how much you will invest to suit your lifestyle.

Knowing the Range You Need

Each Tesla model has a standard travel range. Typically, standard models don’t offer the same range as a performance model. For example, the Model S ranges between 250 and 350 miles; the Model X ranges between 230 and 290 miles; the Model 3, 220 and 310 miles; and the Model Y, 230 and 300 miles.

One tip every Tesla Model 3 owner should know is to learn about the energy app for range estimation. Depending on how often you plan on driving, the energy app can help determine the range you have left, informing you of your battery level for your next driving excursion.

Determining Which Tesla Car Models are Available

Before purchasing the first Tesla you see, you must know which vehicle will best suit your lifestyle and driving habits. The Model S offers all-wheel drive, Autopilot assistance, and upgrade options. The Model 3 is a more affordable alternative to the Model S, with an all-wheel drive range of 315 miles per charge.

The Model X is an SUV-style vehicle that can fit seven people, has touchscreen features, all-wheel drive, and a 333-mile range. Lastly, the Model Y is the halfway point between the Model X and Model 3 and is a compact SUV. It’s a more affordable option than the Model X, fits five people, and offers the same upgrade packages.

Avoid Purchasing the Wrong Wheels

It’s common for your wheels to wear out over time. Thankfully, replacing your Tesla wheels is a no-brainer. However, one tip to consider before buying a Tesla is to ensure you purchase the correct wheels. Typically, larger wheels require a higher investment, along with more challenging ride quality and less distance. The only features you would enhance are the car’s aesthetics. Standard wheels can help you get better handling, ride experience and further range.