10 Essential Car Accessories Every Enthusiast Should Have

If you’re a car enthusiast, you understand that owning a car is more than just transportation – it’s a passion. To fully embrace this lifestyle, a few essential accessories can enhance your driving experience. These accessories can improve safety, add convenience, and make your time on the road more enjoyable.

Whether you’re a seasoned car enthusiast or just starting your journey, these must-have car accessories will help take your driving experience to new heights. Prepare to rev up your engine and equip your ride with these essential accessories.



10 Jump Starter

jump starter
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As an enthusiast, being prepared for anything is crucial. One way of doing this is by having a jump starter for your car. While most people think it’s enough to have only jumper cables, the jump starter eliminates the need for a host vehicle.

Having a jump starter eliminates any safety concerns by ensuring that no matter where you are, you can easily get your vehicle going in a matter of seconds. You never need to be stranded in an unfamiliar area. However, you need to remember to recharge your jump starter frequently to ensure it’s ready when you need it the most.

9 Portable Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum Cleaners
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A portable vacuum cleaner is one of the best ways to clean your car. It’s an effective way of ensuring that you can remove all the dirt, even what your eyes can’t see. As an enthusiast, this gives you some joy, knowing that each bit of your car is sparkling clean.

In addition, a portable vacuum cleaner can come in handy if you carry pets in your car. It can get rid of all the hairs stuck in the car seat, helping to keep the interior super clean. Having a portable vacuum cleaner ensures that you can clean the interior quickly.

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8 Emergency Kits

emergency toolkit
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An emergency kit gives you peace of mind when you run into mechanical problems or an accident. While these aren’t issues you can control, having an emergency kit ensures you fully protect yourself and your passengers.

Among the things to have in your emergency kit include a manual, flashlight, personal concerns and extreme weather provisions. These ensure that you always have control of any situation. It also makes it easier to help other drivers when they have roadside emergencies.

7 Portable Air Compressors

Burns Canyon Mitsubishi Montero Viair Compressor Demonstration
via Michael Van Runkle/HotCars

A conventional air compressor tends to be large and stationery. A portable air compressor ensures you can efficiently air up the tires. In addition, you can carry it in your trunk, along with your emergency kit, vacuum cleaner and jump starter.

While some modern cars like the Tesla Model S don’t have a spare tire, having a portable air compressor can save you when the tires suddenly become flat. Furthermore, an air compressor lets you check the air in the tires frequently without stopping at a gas station.

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6 GPS Trackers

GPS Trackers

GPS tracking was initially a solution for commercial vehicle fleet management. However, with the uptick in vehicle break-ins and thefts, more enthusiasts opt for these security options. Looking for a plug-and-play GPS tracker that can help give you peace of mind that your car is always safe.

In addition, because of their small size, they can fit under most places in the vehicle. A good GPS tracker can help identify the vehicle’s location and determine whether the car is in motion or tampered with. The tracker should also offer real-time data, including location and speed.

5 OBD Scanners

OBD Scanners

Modern cars are full of technology with sensors that detect problems when they arise. This technology is essential to help you know when to take the vehicle to the mechanic. However, some temperamental vehicles pop out codes every time.

While such an instance can be nerve-racking for an enthusiast, having an OBD scanner can help you know when an issue is real. OBD scanners help you read the codes from your ECU, thus knowing whether you can keep driving your vehicle or have the mechanic look at it.

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4 Cargo Organizers

Tata Nano Rear Trunk Space
Via Tata Motors

No matter what you use your car for, you need a cargo organizer as long as you use your trunk. It helps ensure that your gear doesn’t turn into a cluttered mess. Cargo organizers ensure that everything in your trunk remains well organized.

By using a cargo organizer, you get to protect your gear from damage. If you have some invaluable tools in your trunk, using a cargo organizer prevents them from moving around, ensuring you won’t have to worry about damage.

3 Floor Mats

2023 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Woodland Edition all-weather floor mat close-up view
Via: Toyota

When you buy a car, getting some new floor mats can help protect it while improving the aesthetics. Floor mats help keep your vehicle clean by protecting it from debris. Therefore, getting high-quality floor mats guarantees you never have to think about it again.

When choosing floor mats, consider companies that can make a custom version. This ensures that it will fit in your car, and you can select the materials for the mats. These floor mats also end up complementing your car’s interior style.

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2 Dashcam

When you’re out on the road, it’s crucial to always feel comfortable and safe. Driving can offer a sense of freedom and independence. However, despite being a great experience, it can be dangerous, and one way of protecting yourself is with a dashcam.

One of the common issues you can face while driving is fraudulent insurance claims. These occurrences happen all over the country, and the main reason is for people to get money from your insurance. Having a dashcam ensures no one takes advantage of you while on the road. Dashcams can also deter theft, record your journeys and offer you and your passengers peace of mind.

1 Phone Mount

While most modern vehicles feature intuitive infotainment systems, not all have Bluetooth or support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. A phone mount can guarantee that you can comfortably use your phone for music or navigation.

Phone mounts also guarantee your safety on the road by allowing you to quickly pick up calls when necessary. Luckily, there are many phone mount options to choose from. Some can hook onto your AC vents, while others use suction mounts.