These used cars routinely sell for more than their new MSRPs

The car world is and has been upside down. In “the before times,” new cars were depreciated. There was no question that owning and using a vehicle for a couple of years decreased its value, but that’s not always the case anymore. iSeeCars‘ a recent study showed that several used models are priced above their new MSRPs, which can mean many things, including things that are still going crazy on the used car market.

The good news is that the situation is much better than a year ago. iSeeCars found that lightly used cars are priced 8.1 percent below their new MSRPs on average, a 16.6 percent improvement over 2022. Several used models are even listed for more than their new counterparts, with one particularly hot-selling model priced at more than 10 percent above new .

Ten of the highest-priced used cars in the iSeeCars study include:

Some of the vehicles on this list aren’t that surprising. If you’ve shopped for a Ford Maverick recently, you likely understand how hard they were to find at MSRP when new, so inflated pricing used is annoying but expected. There are also several hybrids on the list, showing that buyers want fuel-efficient vehicles but are having trouble getting them.

Interestingly, used Ford Broncos, which are still regularly listed for well above new MSRP, only average 1.7 percent above new prices. The Mercedes-Benz G-Class is commonly listed for more than MSRP new, especially the AMG model, for which some hopeful buyers have reported being asked to pay 50 percent or more above the sticker.

If you’re in the market for a used car and find it difficult to get a reasonable price, the best move is to wait. Used car prices have been on a downward trend over the last year, and while there are some good deals now, there will likely be even more down the road.