What we said then

January 5, 1967: “For a new model, the Interceptor feels fully mature and extremely well built. It is an eye-catcher everywhere and its looks are a clever combination of practicalities and an efficient shape. The performance is satisfying, with enough for any situation, and used with discretion in experienced hands the Interceptor is one of the safest forms of modern-day transport. At about 14mpg, fuel bills are high, but, judging against the pleasure the car gives, these costs are worth every penny.

An owner’s view

Kieron Maughan, rockstarcars.co.uk: “I own three Interceptors: a Mk1, a Mk2 and a Mk2 FF. The whole look of the car is Italian; the inside of a Mk1 feels like an Iso Grifo. You’ve got these lovely proper switches, beautiful big dials and the space. The earlier cars feel lighter and brighter inside, because the dashboard is further back – and more classically styled, too.

“Having an understressed 6.3-litre engine means you turn it on and it purrs like a cat and it’s nice to drive from cold – unlike an old Ferrari or Lamborghini, which will need 10 minutes to warm up. It’s a very good alternative to anything that ends with an ‘i’, and it’s going to be more reliable. Over 25 years, I’ve had loads of troubles, but none of them have been a £100k engine rebuild.

“Finding parts is dead easy, and the internet makes finding good specialists comparatively easy, too. Just make sure you buy the best you can afford – one that’s not rotten and full of filler.”